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APM is simply groundbreaking and inspiring.

For so many years, I’ve always wished to see a magazine come along from our community for the general public to see the faces & stories of proud Asian Americans. APM captures our collective stories of trials, tribulations, triumphs & setbacks. Personal stories that are full of incomprehensible difficulties as well as overcoming unimaginable obstacles. These stories serve as learning opportunities for all, especially for the next generations of Asian Americans to learn from and carry forward.
Since being featured in the 3rd issue of APM, the feedback that I have received has been very positive, surprising, encouraging & emotional.

Thank you APM for telling & featuring our unique stories in such a beautiful format. I look forward to reading many more successful stories from APM.
Thank you for everything you do for our community.
Best regards,

Christopher Nichelson

Milan Capital Management, Incorporated
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We advertise in Asian Premier because its readership and clientele are exactly the type of customer we are looking for: engaged, successful, entrepreneurial, and committed to learning more about the experiences and expertise of others.

We have had a great relationship with the production team there, and they’ve really helped us to refine our message and spread the word about our real estate investment and management business.

We look forward to a long relationship with the magazine and would highly recommend advertising in the magazine to anyone looking to reach a sophisticated audience.

Michael D Dios

Marketing Director for Fletcher Jones Motor

In today’s society, where diversity and inclusivity are increasingly celebrated, it is truly refreshing to see Asian Premier Magazine highlighting the Asian community with such passion and excellence.

APM stands out as a beacon of empowerment, providing a platform that showcases the achievements, stories, and cultural richness of the Asian community. Their dedication to representing the diverse voices within the Asian diaspora is commendable. Through their insightful articles, interviews, and features, APM has successfully created a space where Asian individuals can feel seen, heard, and celebrated.

Michelle Sirand

Former Executive Director, JP Morgan

What a stroke of genius for me to pick up Asian Premier Magazine and inhale each word and savor each image!  I appreciate the diverse stories of survival and success, life drama and resolve, entrepreneurship and acumen, everything, everywhere but slowly and meticulously redacted to present a holistic horizon of feelings, information and know how.

APM varied articles on life commitment, business building, managing and servicing, coupled with an array of capital Fs in food, fashion, friendship, family and fun, awaken the reader’s yearning to push forward and to leap high and far as its messages and contents are nothing short of inspiring and impactful. Finally, adding an Asian magazine to the global and rich kaleidoscope of news and media is so welcome and much desired. APM magazine will showcase fresh layers of cultural perspective and expansive discovery to its readers. Indeed, it is an awesome platform where one can exchange and receive an abundance of information of the Asian ecosystem, within the depth and breadth of our wide and evolving world.

Georges N. Chamchoum

Asian World Film Festival Executive Director

APM is a classy Magazine, one can find Articles about Art, Fashion, Food and more.

APM is in a way a self-journey of discovery on what the Asian & Asian American Community has to offer – an insight of a thriving community, rich in history and rich in success!

Asian Premier Magazine is an easy read – simple yet deep.

Agreeable to the eye and to the mind! I highly recommend it!

Lan Phan

MPH, CEO, MSO, Inc. of Southern California,
VitalLinks, LLC, Medical Management Services Enterprises and Medical Management Consulting

“When I first learned that the APM founders intended to resurrect the lost art form of printed magazines, I was rather skeptical. Who would the readers be? Will they actually be wooed away from digital media? I didn’t participate in the first APM issue but stood on the sideline to observe. I contributed an article in the second issue.

Mine was a deeply personal story of trauma, struggle and ultimately triumph through self-healing. APM editors gave me free reigns to candidly express myself, no holds-barred and supported me through thoughtful editing, allowing me to keep my ‘voice’.

Another pleasant surprise was how frequently I heard from others who read APM and my story. A TV station even taped and aired 3 segments of my APM article.

My healthcare management business needed no advertisement but gained recognition through APM. Many of my clients and colleagues didn’t know the ‘real me’ before this Article. It felt cathartic! I recommend APM to those who want to be read, heard, and seen, whether for commercial or business purposes or just simply as a form of self-expression, story-telling or motivational forum for others.”

Kory Ngo

Pension Consultant,
Pension Kinetics, Inc – 92 Corporate Park Suite C-212, Irvine, CA 92606-5106

Stylish layout, Story-telling articles, Personal anecdotes bringing on a sense of personal touch. The reviews might not do justice to the actual possession of the magazine in your hands where it spreads across numerous pages with images and text in splendid colors.

Thank You Asian Premier Magazine for your professionalism in featuring our story.