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Victoria Ha Vy Le – Financial security, and generational wealth

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Victoria HaVy Le knows what it’s like to struggle.  She tried to escape Vietnam 10 times by boat before being able to make it out of the country, and ended up in Hong Kong, where at the tender age of 8, she helped mom find food to feed their family of four.  A single mom with three small children to care for, Victoria’s mom also knows what it’s like to struggle.

The family eventually made it to California to start their new life.  They were in search of that American dream—and the struggle continued.

The middle of three, Victoria found herself taking on the role of the other parent, while her mom toiled away at the nail salon to feed the family.  Nothing came easy.  There were no happy childhood memories—only reminders that the land of opportunity was littered with obstacles and hardship.  But they survived.

No stranger to hard work—Victoria held three jobs while attending college.  She studied finance/accounting–not because it was a dream job, but because she was good with numbers.  She was good at figuring things out to make ends meet.  Although she had no direction—no real goal other than to just survive—those early years of hardship would prepare her for a job she could never have even imagined.

Scenes from Thursday’s FFS Leaders Convention 2022 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada . (Photo: Karl L. Moore/Mooreshots LLC)

Fast forward 30 plus years, Victoria Le is now a force to be reckoned with in a world dominated by older white males.  A financial planner specializing in retirement strategies, Victoria is changing the face of insurance.

Today, Victoria is the go-to person for bank-financed retirement including 100% bank financed plans. “You borrow from the bank to buy a bigger house, you borrow from the bank to buy a nicer car, why not leverage the bank’s money to fund your retirement and wealth transferring?!”

And that, in a nutshell, is how she’s helping families add millions to their wealth by utilizing bank leveraging.  But Victoria has an even more passionate cause.  She’s empowering women to take control of their own finances. “Women are often intimidated when meeting with financial planners, especially if they have little to no knowledge,” said Victoria.

Because of this, Victoria has an edge in the business.   She can relate to her clients’ struggles because she’s been there.   Her dream to lift others up has created a unique working environment. Her team is full of amazing success stories—like a former nail tech–now making a six-figure income.  Or the housewife who’s created an income stream that allows her and her husband to travel the world.  Then there’s the wife who was hoping to make a few extra hundred dollars a month for groceries, who’s now making 6-figures and building her own empire.

Victoria Le isn’t slowing down.  Her struggling days are long over, but her journey continues.  Victoria and her team are dedicated to helping their clients achieve financial security, peace of mind and generational wealth.

Services provided by Victoria Le and First Financial Security

Tax-advantage for Business Owners
Retirement Planning
College Planning
Life Insurance with Living Benefits
Premium Finance (Bank Finance/Retirement)
401K/IRA Rollover
Career Opportunity


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