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Following the success of VBI Global Conference & Expo 2023, VBI Global 2nd Annual Conference & Expo 2024 will be held on May 9 & 10, 2024 in Houston, Texas at George R.Brown Convention Center.

VBI GLOBAL Conference & Expo 2024 is a series of important and useful events to help businesses expand their business and invest. At the same time, the event will promote the product image of each Vietnamese business in the international market and especially the United States.

Nationally, Vietnamese American enterprises contribute significantly to the U.S. economy, with a reported annual growth rate of 10%, demonstrating the community’s robust engagement in economic activities across the country. This trend reflects the broader narrative of the Vietnamese community’s growing impact on the U.S. economy and its crucial role in fostering cross-cultural understanding and economic ties between Vietnam and the United States.
Globally, the Vietnamese economy is on an upward trajectory, with the World Bank projecting sustained growth rates, bolstered by strong exports and foreign investment.

VBI Global Conference & Expo Houston will help :
– Connect with potential international partners, collaborators, suppliers and customers. Vietnam is the emerging market for sourcing a wide range of products and services, including manufacturing, technology, agriculture, tourism… and a great source of skilled labor force. A PREMIER PLATFORM TO EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS WORLDWIDE!
– Participate in targeted matchmaking sessions and explore mutual benefits with potential partners. EXPLORE & LEARN!
– Gain visibility, build brand awareness, and foster goodwill within the community. ESTABLISH A ROBUST AND VIBRANT COMMUNITY!

For more information : https://econference.vbi.global


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