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After months of preparations and much anticipation, Asian Premier Magazine Launch Party took place on the evening of Friday February 25th, 2022, at the impressive high-end European furniture showroom in Costa Mesa, Roche Bobois. There could not be a better venue; spacious, modern, bright, vibrant, Roche Bobois showroom was the perfect location to introduce Asian Premier Magazine, a first-class magazine featuring the elite Asian entrepreneurs and influencers, encompassing diverse topics: business, culture, travel, foods, fashion, arts, and many more.

Forming our guest list were relevant influencers, high profile figures, local businesses, sponsors, donors, and the press. The APM team worked hard to ensure that the vibe of the launch party would be enticing and that guests would have a memorable experience. We wanted an event that people would be so excited to participate in while having fun. At 6PM, a magnificent plush Red Carpet laid cover Roche Bobois showroom entrance. The Remy Martin display, and a beautiful backdrop embellished the store front, while deluxe Mercedes-Benz cars, provided by Fletcher Jones Motorcar, were exhibited along the red-carpet runway. Remy Martin professional bartenders were ready to serve the free-flowing wine and liquor, and APM professional photographers were already in action.

DJ music livened up the crowd, and lines of glamorous VIP guests started strolling in, never missing an opportunity for posing for photos, while mixing, and mingling with other guests. Our photographers’ and reporters’ cameras were lighting up the room. The APM partners and their spouses, while the men were looking sharp in their crisp white shirts and black tuxedos, the women were glowing in their charming evening gowns, were all busy greeting guests but also made sure to be available to be interviewed by hosts of local TV stations.

The scene had all the making of a Hollywood event. Soon, over four hundred guests roamed around the Roche Bobois showroom. Professional servers were on hand to serve gourmet finger foods and desserts catered by Royal Banquet restaurant and Pho Saigon Pearl, but the staff could barely keep up with such a prominent, keen hungry crowd.

The turnout was fortunately beyond our expectation. Enthusiastic guests and the press packed Roche Bobois main showroom when Dr. Quan Tran, Master of Ceremony, opened the program by thanking our extensive list of sponsors, donors, and APM first issue customers, among whom were: Roche Bobois, Milan Capital Management, Fletcher Jones Motor Cars, Rapport International Furniture, MTM Pharmacy, First Financial Security, Inc., Pho Saigon Pearl, Platinum Manufacturing, ADK Bancorp, Inc., Pho Akushi, Paul Truong, MD, Fullerton Medical Pharmacy, HPT Realty & Finance, Tran Luu Ky Phat DMD, Hue Oi Vietnamese Cuisine, and Coast Surgery Center.

Dr Quan then introduced Asian Premier Magazine’s founder and partners: Dr Chuck Le, Dr Quan Tran, Michael Khai Pham, along special guests and dignitaries who graced our event with their presence, among whom were: California Assemblywoman Janet Nguyen, California Assemblyman Steven Choi, Former California Assemblyman Tyler Diep, Fountain Valley Councilman Ted Bui, Former Mayor Pro-Tem of Anaheim Lucille Kring, Representative from Michelle Steele office of the US House Representative, and API Advisor Roxanne Chow. Dr. Chuck Le started with an overview of APM’s ambitious mission and vision, sharing a glimpse of the Founder’s heart towards our APM. magazine: Be the voice for the Asian entrepreneur community, share our journey of success and struggles, and be the inspiration for the younger Asian entrepreneur generations.

Along his side was his gracious wife, Dr. Christine Chung, who stole the show with her classy red gown and updo hair a la Audrey Hepburn style. Michael Khai Pham then gave a summary of the making of APM: how a dream, a vision had started until implementation and launch. Dr. Triet Nguyen, MD with his lovely wife Jessica Nguyen (APM’s Cover Model), and Roche Bobois Paris were awarded with the “Community’s Most Influential Business/Organizations” prizes. The program ended with Dr. Quan Tran and Dr. Christine Chung doing the raffles.

Our guests were showered with classy gifts. Our sponsor Roche Bobois Paris not only sponsored our Launch Party venue, they also generously donated three hundred gift bags as well as the red-carpet setup. Remy Martin donated over two hundred gift bags along with its world-famous liquor Remy Martin X.O served by their professional bartenders.

Other sponsors contributed several prize gifts including $2,500 from Chris Nickelson (President of Milan Capital Management), a $2,500 necklace by Levik’s Jewelry, Remy Martin Private Reserve X.O Collection, and several gift certificates from Coast Surgery Center, Secondhand Snob, Ha Vy, and NAK Beauty & Spa.

A few guests had so much fun they lingered around to take part in the “After Party” with the APM team and a few Roche Bobois employees. We drank champagne, sang, and danced. The highlight of the “After Party” was the performance of the fabulous Martyna Trembinska, Roche Bobois store manager, flipping her beautiful long hair, dancing, and singing “Proud Mary.” We were tired but quite happy, our spirits were high, and the excitement of the evening still lingered for weeks thereafter. The feedback received was incredibly positive: It was a memorable night, and everyone had a fantastic time. Our sincere appreciation goes out to our generous sponsors, donors, and customers who made APM Launch Party a smashing success. We wish APM a brilliant future so it can serve its customers well and be the strong voice for the Asian entrepreneurs and influencers in our community, for as long as there’s still a dream in us.

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