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MettiTech Group – Prestigious investment group of multi operation

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MettiTech is a prestigious investment group, working on various disciplines with diverse portfolios. MettiTech Group plays an important role in promoting and aligning development pathways for their affiliates. this group is working on such important fields like medicine, FDA & USPTO, pharmacy, education, real estate, cash flow management and telecommunication.

In the medical industry, MettiRnD is a leading research unit on medical equipment and medicine. MettiRnD is joining in the invention and distribution of indispensable medical equipment for suppliers in health care across the globe. This can contribute to the advancement of healthcare quality and human life improvement.

MettiFDA is a part of MettiTech Group with an expert team of more than 18 years experiencing in FDA certificate registration, patent, trademark and property protection in the USA. this company can help Vietnamese enterprises complete legal documents before exporting, facilitating market expansion and international trade development.

In medicine discipline, Metti Global Pharma specializes in producing supplement foods, OEM, OTC, ATC and cosmetics. thanks to their expertise and good insight in this industry, Metti Global Pharma has supported and accompanied with many pharmaceutical companies, resulting in the optimization in operation and remodification of complex pattern and formats in the field.

In education, MettiEducation understand thoroughly the importance of education quality. they, therefore, have invested in education innovative projects, including school, university, short training course of entrepreneurs, and oversea study program. this can help enhance the education level and develop talent for the community and at the same time build up qualified labor forces for the economy of each country.

In the real estate, Metti Capital Funding is focusing on property management and real estate investment even in the recession, they have developed projects constructing student dormitories, electricity charging stations and self control warehouses, they thereby have contributed in substructure development and offer investment opportunities in real estate.

Metti Capital Funding, Metti Bank and Metti Paysecure have joined in the management of cash flow investment on civil and private markets. With acumen financial experts team, these companies have offered interesting profits for their stakeholders and support development for funded entities.

In telecommunication, Metti IRA focuses on innovative technologies like block chain and 5 G satellite phone for telecommunication industry and digital banks. They target at prioritizing technological development and joining in the betterment process of the telecommunication industry, bringing back conveniences for both the end users and the enterprises.

With strategic vision, financial acumen and multi professional knowledge, MettiTech Group is step by step asserting their leading position in the international market. the group has created diverse portfolios and at the same time offered aides to their members of various industries.

As diamond sponsor for the event “Vietnamese Brand – Global Connect and B2B Trading Connection” on 3/16/2024, MettiTech Group commits to go with Vietnamese companies in setting up business strategies with long term vision conquering international markets. the group plays an important role in supporting Viet firms to expand their scope, discovering global development and cooperation opportunities.

MettiTech Group not only focuses on investment but also contributes to sustainable development, life quality enhancement through meaningful projects and initiatives. with the companion of MettiTech Group, there will be chances of accessing and benefiting from international leading solutions and services for Vietnamese enterprises.

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