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For hundreds of years back people who lost their teeth had to contend with artificial teeth. There is the infamous wooden denture of President Abe Lincoln. For the last century or more acrylic dentures and plastic teeth were the ceiling of what the dental profession could reach. Until the fifties came and Branemark introduced dental implants to our world.  Today, Dental Implants are the standard of care.

A few years ago, another innovative approach started to infiltrate our Dental World again under the name of All On 4 ® as branded by Noble BioCare; or All On X as advertised elsewhere.

This wonderful innovative approach is quite simple in its idea: and that is allowing a full set of teeth to rest, be fixated to or gain fixed support from four dental implants placed in a certain fashion according to a certain guideline allowing the hopeless to regain their smile and function.  Utterly amazing and mesmerizing.

With Periodontal disease hitting almost 80% of the US population, tooth/teeth loss is a standing danger that we fight in the trenches daily. This number exceeds cancer, diabetes and cardiac disease combined, just to bring an image to mind.

This article is a gospel of good news, a sort of true revolution that enables a dental patient with terminal dentition to have his/her existing hopeless dental reality to change for good.

With a success rate of over 95% and longevity of over 20 years we have truly turned a corner and are able to deliver a crippling blow to our arch enemy: EDENTULISM.

Dental implant treatment has guidelines, not rules. It’s one of the reasons why I love dental implants so much. Every case is different. The clinician must have a broad understanding of each patient’s unique factors, and then devise the best treatment plan for that individual. Even the most routine-appearing implant case can be affected by factors such as parafunction, occlusion, periodontal disease, the size of the space to be restored, and the patient’s budget.

It is important for clinicians to assess these factors and listen to their patients’ wants prior to offering treatment plans. These factors must be considered for fully edentulous patients as well.

Full-arch fixed implant bridges—often referred to as All-on-4 are taking the dental field by storm. These bridges are usually supported by four to six dental implants, which are fabricated from materials such as acrylic fused to titanium, monolithic zirconia, and porcelain stacked to a cobalt-chromium frame. They are often presented with package pricing, which simplifies case presentation, and some practices promote All-on-4 as the best treatment option for their soon-to-be-edentulous patients.

If you are embarrassed about your smile, if you keep on losing teeth over the years and your smile and chewing ability are being compromised, DO Not Despair.  So, what to do?

  1. Make an appointment to get a 3D image of your skull.
  2. Get a good consultation from a couple of experienced dentists.
  3. Once you have settled on a practice to get this done at, get your financials arranged.
  4. You will then be given 1-3 (depending on whether you have teeth or totally edentulous) appointments to get your temporary set of teeth premade.
  5. Appear for surgery and ask if your dentist offers sedation. In my experience of doing implants for nearly 12 years, the experience is much more pleasant with the help of an anesthesiologist since they can monitor your vitals and give you medications to help your body heal faster and considerably increase post operative comfort.
  6. Wait for your implants to heal and in 4 months you will have your second & final and permanent set of teeth.

In just under 4 hours, you will be confidently smiling again and if you ever were one of the denture wearers then get ready to start tasting food again since your palate will no longer be covered by a chunk of plastic.

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