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Andy wishes to be an encouragement to anyone who wishes to follow in his footsteps. Andy comes from extreme poverty in Hong Kong; born in a shack with barely a tin roof, to end up making a name for himself in Hollywood, is just plain amazing. His desire to help others to achieve goals is plain inspiring. An optimistic person who has his share of challenges, Andy just keeps driving forward. From stuntman to stunt choreographer, to second unit director to director and onward, he is always willing to learn from anyone about film making. He’s a visionary, optimistic filmmaker with hopes of leaving the audience not only entertained, but also giving them a positive message that will inspire them to pursue their goals.

Andy Cheng was born in Hong Kong and began to pursue his passion for Martial Arts from an early age. He studied Taekwondo, winning several championships, and even taking home five consecutive gold medals. His first gold medal in Chung Do Kwan was at a Black Belt Championship. This was followed by him winning a gold medal three years in a row at the Hong Kong Black Belt Open. Subsequently, Andy was able to represent Hong Kong for the first time at the Hong Kong International Invitational Championship, winning another gold medal. He went on to represent Hong Kong in matches held in Nepal and Korea. Then finally at the 1991 Asian Championship in Chinese Taipei, Andy experienced his highest honor when he was the winner of the bronze medal. He retired from competition after this prestigious event.

Andy’s talents led him to the entertainment industry, where he became a contracted Action Artist for TVB television from 1989 to 1995. After working in television and films, he was invited to join Jackie Chan’s stunt team, working as a stunt double and choreographing fight scenes for films like MR. NICE GUY, WHO AM I, SHANGHAI NOON, RUSH HOUR, RUSH HOUR 2 and others. In 1998, Andy was hired by director Stanley Tong to work as a fight choreographer and stunt double for Sammo Hung on the highly acclaimed first season of Sammo Hung’s CBS TV series, MARTIAL LAW.

Subsequently, Andy was hired by Producer Kevin Misher to create and direct action for the reshoots of the blockbuster film, THE SCORPION KING for Universal Studios. Kevin Misher went on to hire Andy to be the Second Unit Director and stunt/fight coordinator for THE RUNDOWN, directed by Peter Berg. Working with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on both these films, Andy helped the former wrestler become known as an action star by showcasing Johnson’s speed and dexterity, not just his size and strength. As a Second Unit Director, Andy has had the opportunity to work with some of the most esteemed filmmakers in Hollywood including Director Terence Malick, on THE NEW WORLD, produced by Sarah Green with three-time Oscar winning Cinematographer Emmanuel “El Chivo” Lubezki.

Andy has even worked with legendary horror master; the director Wes Craven on the Miramax Films feature CURSED. While working with Catherine Hardwicke on both TWILIGHT and RED RIDING HOOD, Andy choreographed practical fight scenes and action, as well as action featuring CGI elements. Returning to television, Andy was the fight unit director for season 2 and 3 of the AMC action drama INTO THE BADLANDS starring Daniel Wu and produced by Alfred Gough, Miles Millar (SHANGHAI NOON), and Stephen Fung. Andy also acted as Co-producer on eight episodes and Associate Producer on several episodes. Andy had the pleasure of working closely with Director Michael Bay as stunt/fight coordinator for the Netflix feature 6 UNDERGROUND, starring Ryan Reynolds and produced by Michael Bay and Ian Bryce.

As fight coordinator, Andy’s choreography on the bus scene for Marvel’s Shang-Chi has been lauded by fans and critics alike and has been called a new peak for action in the MCU. Combining practical action and CGI, the sequence with Shang-Chi fighting several thugs, including a man whose arm is a laser powered sword, took over a year to create and uses almost every inch of an articulated bus, inside and out as the bus is careening out of control.

When Knights of the Zodiac was being planned as a live action adaptation of the popular Manga and Anime, Andy was called in as Action Director as well as Stunt/ fight Coordinator, ensuring that the film will contain the breathtaking action that Andy has been proven to deliver time and time again. Andy’s work in film has been recognized by the stunt and action community with an unmatched fourteen nominations, winning five Taurus World Stunt Awards including Best Fight and Best Specialty Stunt.

On November 1, 2021, Andy was recognized by the Bruce Lee Foundation and the Asian World Film Festival when he was awarded the first ever Bruce Lee Award for his dedication to Martial Arts in the film industry. As a further honor, the award was presented to him by Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee. Andy’s Directorial debut came in 2005 with END GAME, starring Cuba Gooding Jr., James Woods, Burt Reynolds, Anne Archer, and Angie Harmon. He next directed the high octane, action feature REDLINE, starring comedian Eddie Griffin and Tim Matheson. The film screened on 1600 theaters and had its premiere at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. With a career rooted in both China and Hollywood, Andy has learned his craft from some of the most highly regarded filmmakers in the world. By combining his knowledge with his experience and skill in collaborating with major Hollywood studios and A-list actors, Andy can combine the best of both worlds to create films with universal appeal and incredible action.



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