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The success of Miss Kieu Khanh, enjoyed both in her personal life and on the global stage, can be attributed to her steadfast determination and her penchant for diligence in a competitive environment.

Since obtaining the crown of Miss Vietnam in 1989, Kieu Khanh has pursued projects with a sense of vigor that complement her love and passion for her fellow man. Her triumphant title run for Miss Vietnam would serve as a pivotal moment in Kieu Khanh’s career. The lessons learned through direct competition and the insights gained through ambassadorial roles on behalf of her countrymen would later serve as the foundation of her institutions. Although rooted in the fundamentals of business, Mrs. Khanh’s institutions would come to bear a characteristic sense of communal obligation and humanity. This is no more evident than in the establishment of Guardian Senior Home on Madison, Guardian Senior Home on Compass, Guardian Senior Home on Nevada, Assisting living for elderly.

Admittedly, as Kieu Khanh would have it, the decision to open assisting residences was a seemingly peculiar choice initially. However, the prospect of satisfying a societal need while also instilling a greater purpose within Kieu Khanh was all too alluring.

Through Assisting living facility, she would come to adore her residents through daily interactions as she applies her personal touch to elderly care. The rapport developed between Kieu Khanh, and her beloved residents is such that the residents are viewed as an extension of her own family. Her care for the elderly comes rather naturally. Within this line of work the real difficulty she shares is rooted in identifying potential staff members that are empathetic, exercise great patience, and most importantly are kind of heart. The level of service provided by an amiable team of care professionals and the direction of Kieu Khanh has culminated in an environment that delivers dignity, comfort, and jubilation for residents and staff alike.

“The hard-working bee collects a lot of honey” Kieu Khanh’s journey to success has been an arduous one. She has assumed many titles and roles along her path, including florist, Interior design, television personality, realtor, and urban renovator. With each new role came new unique challenges. It was in exceeding these challenges, though, that She found opportunities for personal growth. These various ventures would allow Kieu Khanh to hone her business savvy and ultimately secure her financial independence. As a single mother of 3 wonderful children, she is certainly no stranger to hard work. She has managed to skillfully maintain both the household and business domains without compromise to her family’s happiness and wellbeing. It is without wonder then why She is held in such high esteem by her peers.

She truly is an inspirational woman

Guardian Senior Home on Madison / Guardian Senior Home on Compass / Guardian Senior Home on Nevada (coming soon)

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