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Phu Quoc – A Super Glamorous Destination for the world to enjoy!

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Phu Quoc island is one of tourists’ most favorite travel destinations. With its gorgeous natural scenery and bustling entertainment facilities, this island, also known as “Pearl” Island promises to be an unforgettable destination of relaxation, enjoyment, and discovery for everyone.

The main island is situated in Kien Giang province. Every year, the island welcomes millions of tourists, both domestic and foreign, to visit and relax. This island district is made up of about twenty-eight small islands. Most of these islands are already inhabited, while some are being planned to be renovated into resorts. The main island has about twenty beaches with vast and silky white sand, gleaming azure water, and gentle waves lapping on the shore. There are many famous beaches around the island but most notably, Rach Vem, a natural beach with a special characteristic: It has the largest number of starfish on the island.

If you are enthusiastic about travel experience, then a deserted island exploration is an excellent choice. One of the tourist’s favorite destinations is Xuong Island. The picturesque scenery with cerulean blue sea makes visitors gasp in excitement. In addition, you can also visit Thom Island. Currently, the world’s longest sea-crossing car cable system connects this tiny island to the main island. Most notably, besides the beautiful scenery and romantic beaches, tourists can also freely explore many more extreme sports like jet skis, and paragliding… If you are into scuba diving, the main island is the ideal destination for everyone since it has an extremely vast and diverse coastal ecosystem. About 50% of Pearl Island belongs to the National Park located in the biosphere reserve of the province.

If travelers want to “trek through the forest” or streamlet bathing, the island offers plentiful local streams for them to enjoy. With an ecosystem of both forest and sea, you can say that nature has blessed the island with ample gorgeous scenery. As of today, the tourism industry is well developed in the main island. Not only are there hotels chains, resorts, and high-class accommodations, there are also several world-class entertainment areas. For example, Vin Wonders, with a total area of five hundred acres, is an entertainment paradise of adventure and discovery for every type of visitor; Immerse yourself in the natural habitat with Vinpearl Safari.

During the resistance war against France, the main island was the location where the French colonists chose to hold war prisoners. In 1995, the Ministry of Culture and Information recognized the main island Prison Historic Site as a national relic. So, don’t forget to visit the Historical Site when traveling to this island! In addition, the island is also a suitable place for tourists who are into spiritual tourism. In this place, there are many famous temples such as Ho Quoc pagoda, Sung Hung ancient pagoda … and numerous more spiritual locations.

In conclusion, the main island is an ideal vacation destination for tourists, because of its combination of multiple aspects of tourism like source tourism, spirituality, discovery, and relaxation. Magnificent natural scenery, friendly locals, professional tourism, and delicious food… all have combined into a brand name of Pearl Island!

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