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Royal Restaurant & Banquet – Elaine Nguyen

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Leaving her modeling and singing career to be a business owner and a mother of two, Elaine Nguyen opened Royal Restaurant and Banquet, a classy and elegant restaurant catered to fulfill every beautiful bride’s desires.  Situated in central Westminster, with a high ceiling, luxurious marble floor, and gorgeous crystal chandeliers, this elegantly constructed restaurant is suitable for special events as well as intimate wedding receptions. No need to go far to experience the prominent decoration, exceptional service, and superb food that Royal Banquet has to offer. If your ideal event seems far-fetched, and you do not want the usual menus, boring hotel ballrooms, look no further than Royal Banquet. Create an ideal scenery for a memorable reception that only the Royal Banquet can deliver, catered for personalized taste with conventional Vietnamese, and genuine Chinese dishes.

Elaine believes family is key, which is why she spends a lot of time with her husband and daughters. “Growing up with my father, a successful businessperson in Saigon, I developed an aptitude for business and learned how to create ideas and see the potential of future businesses everywhere I go,” Elaine said.  “I grew up in Saigon but primarily resided in Boston, Massachusetts. Learning great deals about class and style in one of the most intellectual cities, I went to Newbury College for business and fashion merchandise. As a result, I developed a strong interest in fashion and modeling. And yet, I chose to become a restaurant owner because I like the fast-paced environment, and since my mother is an exceptionally good cook, I could use her help if needed. It gives me immense joy to come to my restaurant and see the happy faces of my employees and customers.”

Elaine has always loved fashion, modeling, and singing, as they are her hobbies on top of traveling. Music is a large aspect of her household, as she loves to sing while her husband and daughter love to play the guitar and piano. Elaine favorite places to travel are always cities in Europe because of the stylistic and romantic environment. Elaine loves the food, architecture, and the people.

I met my husband at a birthday party and as soon as we laid eyes on each other, we have been inseparable since,” Elaine continued. “The circumstances of how we met are special because it was an unlikely encounter. At the time, he never went to parties, and it so happened that he attended the one I was at, which is why it was fate. If he hadn’t, we probably never would have met. I appreciate him as he has been so supportive in everything I do and has played such a crucial role in raising our kids and creating our happy family. My husband is a filmmaker, so I have grown to appreciate the movie industry both behind the screen and in front. I enjoy all genres of movies, but my favorite is comedy because it is what we enjoy together as a family. Family movie nights are incredibly special in our house.”

Elaine has two lovely daughters, 19 and 21, who constantly make her proud every day. One is pursuing her passion in fine art and the other is studying business and finance. Elaine sees herself in both, as they are creative, smart, ambitious, and incredibly driven. Seeing them grow into mature young women has brought Elaine much joy.

“I define success as when I am content with myself, family, and friends. My success is determined by how bright my kids smile and how strong they are as individuals – I do consider myself to be successful. I am optimistic, which is why I believe that life is like a box of chocolates”, Elaine concluded. “I never know what I will get but at least I know it will be sweet. In other words, I value being grateful and appreciative of all that I have.”

Royal Restaurant and Banquet, 9743 Bolsa Ave, Westminster Ave, Ca 92683, (714) 531-1408

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