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The Japanese Cosmeceutical Industry

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What has given the Japanese cosmeceutical industry its huge success and allowed it to consistently top the list of the world’s finest cosmetic markets for years on out?

Not only are Japanese women among the most beautiful women in the world, they are also famous for their white porcelain white skin so smooth and flawless similar to the finest silk. Besides genetics and environmental factors, the beauty of the Japanese women is attributed to the Japanese cosmeceutical industry insert comma which has contributed a great deal to its skin care and beauty treatment.

The Japanese cosmeceutical business does not follow the trends of the international cosmetic market; instead, it upholds and continuously improves its traditional methods. Japanese cosmeceuticals continue to place a strong emphasis on “product sustainability and durability”, which has the potential to maintain its effectiveness for a long time, as opposite to their competitors who constantly change their technology solutions to maintain their products’ efficacy.

That does not mean that the Japanese cosmeceutical industry neglects to keep up with the world’s cosmetic industry. Japanese scientists invested a significant amount of time in the study and experimentation to harmonize product sustainability and new technology. The credo of the Japanese cosmeceutical industry is to set trends rather than follow them. It is always striving to keep up with its competitors and even be one step ahead of others. Consequently, for decades, the cosmeceutical business in the Cherry Blossom nation has consistently been the market leader.

The Japanese have always paid special attention to their health and well-being. That mindset is expressed through many professions including the cosmeceutical industry. Those who work in the Japanese beauty business are known to pay attention to product contents and ingredients, as that is a first requirement of the Japanese certification system. As a result, Japanese cosmetics are highly valued on the global market for their natural and high-quality ingredients.
Most of the substances in the Japanese cosmetics are natural. Together with common natural ingredients like honey, green tea, rice, vegetables, Japanese seaweed is also considered a discovery of the world’s cosmeceutical industry in this
decade. Some of the notable benefits of this ingredient when included in functional foods, include deep moisturizing and firming of the skin, supporting the function of certain areas of the body, preventing, and treating some diseases.

Collagen is another highly used ingredient of the Japanese cosmeceuticals industry. As the foundation to develop collagen trends around the world, Japan has been dominating the collagen market for many years. It is often said: “Form is temporary, but class is permanent”. And probably one of the best pieces of evidence to support this statement is the Japanese cosmeceutical industry. It has consistently maintained its leadership position through many eras and stages of the beauty industry, because of the Japanese’s strong commitment to always put the safety of the customers first. And that should also be the commitment and responsibility of every cosmeceutical industry in the world

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