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Dr Kimberly Nguyen

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Located in the heart of Lido Marina Village, Newport Beach, Dr. Kimberly Phuong Nguyen is known for her finessed, gentle touch and caring approach in dentistry.

Dr Nguyen obtained her bachelor science degree at UC Irvine and her Doctor in Dental Medicine at Boston University, one of the leading schools in the United States. Her goal is to provide her patients “A Beautiful and Healthy Smile for Life.”

“I remember as a little girl going to my father’s dental office in Saigon, watching him treat his patients and seeing how grateful they were to him,” Dr Nguyen said. “After the fall of Saigon in 1975, my father and millions of Southern Vietnamese men were sent to the Communist reeducation camp. During that time, due to the lack of proper dental care and efficient dental anesthesia, going to see a dentist had become a nightmare associated with pain and fear. As a result, my teeth were decayed and crooked.

After they released my father from the reeducation camp, we moved to the United States. At my first dental checkup here in southern California, I broke down in tears and fear when I heard that they were going to extract one of my molars. To my great surprise, thanks to the dentist’s patience and wonderful dental anesthesia I did not experience any pain at all! I realized that a gentle, caring dentist with up-to-date techniques can change a person’s life. From that day, I decided to dedicate my life to becoming a very compassionate, caring, and gentle dentist.”

As a woman, I believe that having a healthy smile isn’t enough. A person with a beautiful smile will have more confidence, show that she cares about herself and thus gain more trust, more success, and happiness. Being a dentist for more than 20 years has given me immense joy and rewards. Our office provides all aspects of general, and cosmetic dentistry as well as implants. Invisalign and I operate as a boutique dentistry with personalized care and treatments. I treat my patients as if they were my family members. My greatest reward is seeing my patient’s breakdown in tears with happiness when they see their new smiles and said, “I have never looked so beautiful”, or patients with past severe dental phobia tell me at their first appointments: “Doc, it’s not personal but I hate dentists”, but now keep coming back every 6 months, or when a patient refers her friends and family to see me. With these kinds of rewards,

I hope to continue helping my patients and serving the community for years to come, just like my father who practices dentistry until the age of seventy-five.

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